Duo Full House has been touring literally around the globe for many years, performing their original productions in theaters and open-airs festivals. Together with several renowned directors, they have created numerous theatrical productions.

“Alta Cultura”

Come one, come all and enter the realm of eccentric artistic duo Gaby and Henry Camus! It is a well-known fact that opposites attract: he is from the bustling metropolis New York; she hails from the enchantingly unobtrusive Swiss town of Oberunterlunkenhofen.

Gaby loves precision and swears by the clock, Henry loves improvisation and just might have had a watch once as a young lad. He plays the piano divinely, she sings with fiery passion and brimstone – all in all a match made in heaven. Their goal is simple, to offer their esteemed public a high-class cultural performance.

Although their intentions are refined, their innate compulsion for comedy gets in the way, incessantly transforming their performance into a hilarious new-vaudeville extravaganza, bursting with extraordinary feats of juggling, dazzling musical prestidigitation and dexterously acrobatic wordplay.

Regardless if they achieve their goal of “Alta Cultura” or not, their venerated audience is guaranteed to be enthralled!

“…a turbulent, unusual and stupendously funny show”
Neue Westfälische, Germany

“It’s not only word play and slapstick that makes this duo so entertaining, but their masterful acting and fantastic piano playing.”
Kleine Zeitung, Austria

“It’s amazing how shamelessly they break the laws of physics which apply to us mere mortals”
Der Bund, Switzerland

La Press, Montréal Canada

Past Productions

O Tempora O Mores
We live in crisis-ridden times, but fortunately this Swiss-American duo knows a secret recipe for survival: diversification and flexibility! Innovative cost-cutting is just as important as the right mix of popular and refined art.
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Existential Boom-Boom
Any American artist could be named Henry, but the last name Camus, doesn't it ring a bell? Thanks to family chromosomes transmitted through his lineage, he is the only existentialist juggler in the world. But what does Gaby Schmutz have to do with this? As another great existentialist once said, "Hell is other people". So, she is the other... as he is for her!
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Dizzy Heights
Schwindel Erregend - a vertiginous trek not only for mountain, acrobatic and sewing enthusiasts! Let Sylvester and his action partner Sabina take you on a fantastic mountain adventure in the Swiss Alps.
But be careful! Even peaceful mountains can harbor dangers...
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Henry Camus, an American artist assimilated in Switzerland, devotes his body and soul to the search for the original source of Swiss "Hudeligugeli" music. This after his multiethnic band underwent a stormy break-up due to an explosive mixture of religious taboos.
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Lost and Found
Lost in action on the world’s stages for many years: Henry Camus. He hates DJ’s (although secretly desires to be one) and, thanks to a personal meeting with a famous biblical character, has succeeded in giving up religion altogether. He is convinced he belongs to another America, another world, another universe, he’s just not sure which one.
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The audience sees the actor Henry Camus transform himself, time and again, into one of the three brothers, characters of this fairy-tale-comedy. But only one of the three brothers will be able to face the test of tongue-twisting, the terrible fight with the GNIC GNIC, will be able to play the piano while sitting on the crystal stool, and get to marry the princess of Portugal.
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