With their original mix of modern clowning, virtuosic circus techniques and comedic timing that only a married couple can have, Duo Full House are perfect for circus and variety performances.

Circus Knie
Duo Full House's unique mixture of comedy, music and juggling made for a perfect through-line for the Swiss National Circus.
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Salto Natale
Is it clowning? Are they comedians? Slapstick? No matter what you call it, the audience was enthralled at this “Circus der anderen Art” (different kind of circus).
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Varieté am Bodensee
The Austrian public thoroughly enjoyed being escorted through the cabaret in German with Swiss and American accented charm.
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Bad Nauheim
A well-rounded program was created thanks to world class artists combined with Duo Full House's new vaudeville comic numbers.
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Offenbach Neujahrs-Varieté
Even for a one-day event, thanks to Henry and Gaby’s experience and improvisational talents, a smooth running of the variety evening is assured.
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It is an honor to be a member of the jury judging a world class acrobatic competition on a six-star cruise ship.
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