The Dark Side of Music

Henry Camus (one half of Duo Full House) is once again on the road solo. He is a very talented jack-of-all-trades, but that is not enough for him. He wants to be a genius, like his great role models Bach, Prokofiev, Verdi, Satie and the rest. They say that great art comes from great pain, but unfortunately Henry has not suffered enough in his life to be such a genius. So he tries to put himself in the shoes of his suffering role models to discover the “Dark Side of Music” – a tragicomedy about the creation of music.

Circus Knie – photos

© Fotos by Marcel Hutzli 2021,

Swiss television – “Best of Comedy Club – Das Zelt”

This was one of the more interesting TV show recordings we ever have participated in! Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the production, which was recorded in December 2020, was not allowed to have any spectators. As a result, the “Best of” cast in the show also became the audience! Although slightly odd, it was still a joy to be back on stage and perform for our colleagues and friends and at the same time be a member of the studio audience. The program will be broadcast on Sunday, 24. Jan. 2021, at 21:40 on Swiss Television SRF 1.

Sonata #7 – a physical-theater dis-concert

Henry is proud to present his master’s project: “Sonata #7” a physical-theater dis-concert. As he finishes a 2 year master studies in Physical Theater at the Accademia Dimitri, this will be his Master-Piece! He decided to challenge myself with this one, no text, no comedy – just movement and one of the world’s hardest and most dangerous sonatas.…/accademia-teatro-dimitri…/

Dopo che l’innocenza dell’infanzia si è dissipata, e il privilegio della melanconica Blue Note è stato assaporato, Sonata hashtag Seven ci immerge in un mondo che ha perso il suo equilibrio. Nonostante la nostra personale follia, la tremenda lotta contro le inarrestabili minacce ci permette di condividere la nostra umanità e forza vitale.

Occhio esterno: Gaby Camus
Occhio esterno movimento: Pierre Amar Lissner

New Video – Juggling Battle

Here’s what happens when a husband and wife juggling team “air their dirty laundry” in public!

Thanks to the corona-circus, it will be a while until we are performing live on stage, so for now here’s a digital version of one of our numbers from Salto Natale “Fantasia”!