Henry & Gaby are skilled compères and presenters of variety shows, festivals, cabarets, corporate galas and private functions. Visually, verbally, musically, and in many possible and improbable languages, these two artists know just how to host an evening in an entertaining and comical fashion.

Comedy Club Das Zelt
Just as the red line weaves through the Duo Full House logo, so can these two experienced professionals amalgamate different acts together to make a unified program.
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Kulturbörse Freiburg & Thun
Duo Full House has presented both of these prestigious showcases where industry professionals from the culture and events scene meet and greet.
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Magic Convention Mindelheim
Henry & Gaby’s large repertoire of tricks of the trade allows them to add that special magic to any show – even to an evening with some of the world’s best magicians!
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Festival der Träume
Not only the presenting, but also the producing, casting, and booking of the complete show was performed for this special event.
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Gauklerfest Koblenz
Several years after winning an award at this esteemed festival, Duo Full House was back on the main stage presenting the final evening.
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