If you are looking for a dynamic show that will bring quality entertainment to an event, then Duo Full House is for you!

Whether for clients, co-workers, or guests, these two experienced professionals will add laughter and excitement to your occasion, giving it that special something. Their action-comedy performance is a hilarious mixture of creative wordplay, musical skills, and circus techniques that is sure to thrill and delight all in attendance.

Flexibility is a key word for Duo Full House. They can fit in any imaginable situation!
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A live performance can touch and move an audience like nothing else.
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A business event full of facts and figures can be livened up and made more memorable with entertaining excerpts.
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By request, VIPs, CEOs, or other characters can be tastefully incorporated into humorous productions.
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With inventiveness, creativity, and cleverness, a tailor-made event can be designed to suit your specifications.
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Years of experience working with numerous professionals from all sectors allow specialized creations for your event.
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One of Full House’s specialties is performing for audiences of different nationalities. By mixing visual gags with witty text in a tailor-made combination of English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Japanese, their show is understandable and enjoyable by any public. Additionally, it has relatively few technical requirements and can be adapted to almost any situation.

These two artists are also expert emcees and presenters and can host an evening in a comical, mirthful, and if appropriate, multi-lingual fashion.

Technical Aspects

Show lengthFrom 5 to 60 minutes, in one or several parts as desired.
LanguageThe artists can perform in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Japanese – mixed and matched as necessary.
Stage sizeOptimal stage size is 6 x 4 meters, but depending on the situation, a smaller stage can be used.
EquipmentThe artists bring their own wireless microphones, mixer, black background curtain, and all necessary props for their show.
Sound and LightFor smaller events the artists bring their own PA and lighting systems. For larger events their equipment can be used to supplement the sound and light system used for the event (e.g. as monitors, background light, etc.).
DetailsA more detailed tech rider can be supplied on request.