With a sense of humor rooted somewhere between New York and Effretikon, Full House’s extravagant programs sparkle with wit.

The unlikely mix of naughty New York glamour and Swiss country-side naiveté generate a gripping performance that holds the audience spellbound. Cultural clashes, polyglot puns, improbable balancing acts and anything from clubs to furniture are juggled to perfection in the hands of Henry Camus and Gaby Schmutz, as they transform the stage into a feast of extraordinary entertainment.

With their unique range from comic cabaret to superb acrobatic skill, Duo Full House has won several international prizes on both stage and television. They are currently performing with great success in the international entertainment scene and have enthralled audiences all over the world. Highlights so far include a special performance for the late King Hassan II of Morocco, an appearance at the World Performance Festival in Japan, an extended guest run at the Casino Cabaret in Monte Carlo, and television appearances in thirteen different countries.

Henry started his performing career by studying the violin at the age of 4. He decided to take his first artistic pause at the age of 4 years and 2 months (even then he was sensitive to screeching noises, and the viola wasn’t an option either). Years later, at the ripe old age of 6, he discovered his love for the piano which he dutifully studied for the next 14 years. He would have launched into a musical career had he not made a fateful trip to Paris to “see the world” and was enticed by the world of “Bobourg” to become a street performer. He delved into different disciplines of the artistic world while studying at various international circus-schools. An important part of Henry’s comic development was performing in foreign languages, of which he mastered several. Quite unusual for an American, Henry is illiterate in 5.5 foreign languages plus his mother tongue English, so that’s makes 7. (His math skills are a bit under par unfortunately.)

Gaby, at the ripe old age of eight, was already walking on her hands and dangling from a trapeze. Lucky thing that the Swiss have good insurance policies and that her parents decided to send her to a children’s circus school where she perfected her innate acrobatic skills. After graduating, she founded “Circolino Limbonelli” with four other teenage girls and traveled extensively performing in the various squares, piazzas and plazas of Europe. While on tour she picked up several foreign languages, quite usual for a Swiss person. She is even an “Eidgenössisch diplomierte Turn- und Sportlehrerin”, which sounds quite impressive in German, but basically means she could teach gym if she wanted to. (Unlike the USA, Swiss gym teachers have to do things like climb snow-covered mountains with fur on their skis before dawn, build igloos, and then telemark down, so no smirking please).

In 1989 in Verona, just like Juliette, she met her Romeo, alias Henry Camus, and she was done for. The meeting however was a positive move for her career because the two united their unique and diverse entertainment skills and founded Duo Full House.